Corporate Activities


TEMA follows its projects in every phase. Starting from a specific requirement, from the need of solving a problem or just from a feeling for future needs, TEMA designs, projects, tests, qualifies and manufactures the new projects. They are highly reliable electromechanical devices used in the aerospace market, mainly boarded on helicopters and airplanes.TEMA also offers a service of maintenance, overhaul, repair and technical assistance. Every stage is linked to the others and the great cooperation between different Depts. favors an organic development of every program. In all phases you can find high standards of quality and reliability, typical of our company vision. Every effort is directed towards the finding of the most efficient and satisfactory solution for your requirements. TEMA has also internal environmental and electrical testing capabilities as per RTCA-DO160 and MIL-STD-810.

Main activities


The input for this phase are specific requirements received by the customer. Thanks to expertise and our approach of continous improvement, TEMA devolop the project with support of CATIA.

The exchange of ideas with customer is a key characteristic of this phase.


TEMA follow all the qualification of its projects - some test are performed internally, while other are performed in accredited laboratories with whom we work since many years.


TEMA is qualified PART21 (POA) and the production is managed with the support of an ERP that has been customized to grant conformity to regulations and traceability.

Components once manufactured are tested internally and are delivered with an Acceptance Test Report.


TEMA is qualified PART145 (MOA), EMAR145 and is also certified for the USA and Canada.

We perform maintenance acitivites both for our products, but also for other OEMs' components.

As per the production, all components once repaired are delivered with an Acceptance Test Report.