TEMA want to increase its market share abroad and supply customers with highly reliable and cutting edge electromechanical devices.


TEMA is supporting its historical customer and it's working hard in presenting itself to new customer worldwide.

The interest expressed by the market and, in particular, from the drone sector, for electromechanical actuation lead TEMA to create new relationship with new customers and design innovative solutions and actuators.


The main partners decided to split the company to give the opportunity to develop their own vision, respectively with TEMA and Aerosystems.

TEMA start hiring new collaborators with the aim to give new strenght to the team and to move fast to reach company's targets.


In these years TEMA approach the design of wash and wiper system with positive results, expecially for what concern the amplitude of area swept.

In addition, TEMA designed an innovative carbon fiber fan; sensors for transmission and chip detector.

The experties of TEMA increase always more as the variety of solution to be proposed to our customers.


TEMA changes its head office, moving to via Briante, 247 Somma Lombardo.
TEMA renews the social structure; the last company promoter is replaced by new young limited partners.
TEMA becomes partner of Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo.


TEMA open to the world: new customers, new challanges, new repair station, one in the U.S.A. and the other in Malesia.

TEMA increase its position also through certification: 9001 (2003), 9100 (2008), Part21 (2012), Part145 (2012).

In 2004 TEMA produces the Electromechanical Actuators as Flight Control System for Alenia’s UAVs, Sky-X and Sky-Y, that are demonstrators of innovative techniques and technologies.


Year carachterized by the management’s generational change. The new partners join the company promoters, maintaining a continuity but also introducing freshness, relaunching the activities with new expertise and new energy.

In 1992 TEMA produces its first Engine Control Lever (ECL) that is the first big commitment of the company after the crisis of the aeronautica sector and it is still an important technological advanced device characterized by a remarkable complexity.


TEMA turns its attention to the aeronautical sector, considering its geographical position in one of the main Italian aerospace pole and TEMA’s natural aptitude for innovation.

In 1967 TEMA designs, manufactures and homologates its first aeronautical product, the tachometer generator TM0502 (still used on some aircrafts) which was boarded on an Agusta helicopter.


On 11th November 1944 TEMA has been established by 4 technicians with different specializations, in order to satisfy the growing need of “electrification” expressed by the market.