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TEMA's projects start from specific customer specification and through the years TEMA has developed a wide range of experties in different fields.

Our products are boarded on helicopters, airplanes and drones.

What is presented in the product page it's not thorough of what TEMA can do to support you, but it's a way to let you discover something more about our skills.


NOTE: Passing with the mouse on the aircraft underneath, you can see where we can support you and with which type of product.

Don't exitate to contact us and explain your needs.

[the pictures underneath just have the scope to show the type of aircrafts we are referring to]


Helicopters is our core market. This is mainly linked to the proximity to Leonardo (AgustaWestland).

On this type of aircraft we can support with many different solutions that moves from actuators to wiper systems, from cabin lights to sensors and fans.


Drone is a new market that is skyrocketing in the last years and is pushing forward a change in the sector and an increase in research for novelties and electrified solutions.

We start working in this market in 1990s; beginning 2020s TEMA was involved in an Italian project and all external surfaces were managed by our actuators.

We are now working on a primary control actuator and we have designed a decklock that is extremely compact and lightweight.


The transition from hydraulic to electrifyed systems leads to the research of electromechanical components and lightweight solutions.

We are able to support in both aspects and support with our 30-years experties in electromechanical actuation.